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Kauai Ferals advocates community-based Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs with on-going responsible management as the most viable, long-term approach available at this time to reduce the feral cat population on our island. Kauai Ferals believes that feral cat overpopulation is a community-generated problem and that every community has a responsibility to work toward a solution.

Our Goals: The goal of any TNR program should be to lessen the impact on wildlife by reducing the number of feral cats by attrition and eventually eliminating their presence from the environment. This will benefit the bird population that’s affected by the need for feral cats to hunt wildlife for food.

We hope to create a roster of feral caretakers so that we can work together, recruit additional caregivers and share resources. The Kauai Humane Society provides critical assistance to feral cat caretakers by offering free spay and neutering.

Responsible management of existing feral cat colonies should include: humane trapping, sterilization, and treatment for illness or injury; ear-tipping and returning ferals to the same location where they were trapped provided they would not face imminent risks; and providing lifelong care consisting of adequate food, water, and shelter as well as regular monitoring of the colony for sickness, injury, and the arrival of new animals. The goal of any feral cat management program should be to maximize quality of life for the cats and to eliminate the existing colony over time through attrition.

Donations: can be made by PayPal or by mail to 6295 Olohena Rd, Kapaa, HI 96746

We are a non-profit organization, our IRS tax EIN is: 26-4305704.


Too many cats in paradise . . .

Kauai Ferals is a concerned and
pro-active group
of people who are dedicated to paring down the number of feral and homeless cats on our island through trap, neuter and return programs.

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